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About Faberco

Faberco Life Sciences Incorporated (FLSI), a privately-owned Philippine-based pharmaceutical company established in 2017, that is focused on providing high-quality and cost-effective pharmaceutical products that would help address diseases of public health significance.

We partner with leading and reputable international manufacturers to facilitate access to innovative and life-saving products in the Philippines. As an importer and distributor, we strive to achieve seamless end-to-end process to ensure uncompromised product quality for our end users.

We have a strong presence in both public and private markets.

What We Do


We are a partner of government institutions for public health campaigns on disease awareness, prevention and intervention programs.


We specialize in tenders for national programs of the Department of Health and participate in specific programs initiated by Local Government Units.


We play an active part in research, partnering with the College of Public Health of the State University.


An advocate in educating the lay on vaccine preventable diseases and partners with Healthcare Professionals on disease awareness.


Market shaping and development to help address diseases of public health significance.

Our Mission

To provide equitable and affordable access to life-saving, innovative, niche healthcare products for all, in partnership with reputable pharmaceutical companies who are the gold standard in patient-care.

Our Vision

Quality, Reliability, Transparency and Excellence is what we aim to be known for. We envision being able to contribute to protecting and improving people’s lives by facilitating access to niche treatment and preventive medicines at the maximum cost benefit for both public and private health sectors.

Our Commitment

We strongly believe in transparency, integrity and an uncompromising adherence to robust moral and ethical business principles and values. Faberco emphasizes on being a dependable and reputable partner in order to provide the best healthcare solutions to our partners. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in product quality and to the provision of superior customer service. We promote and encourage continuous process improvements to ensure equitable value to all our partners.

Our Leadership

Meet our leaders who work with determination to address crucial public health needs.

Kishore Hemlani

Founding Member

Kishore Hemlani, as a founding member, serves as an adviser to Faberco Life Sciences Inc. He mentors the board and its organization in business strategies, research and development in the Public Health sector.

“Fueled by my passion in health and as an investor myself, I aim to make this company one of the leading providers of reliable, affordable, and cost-effective pharmaceutical products that are critical to the health of the Filipino people.” – Kishore Hemlani

Mr. Hemlani has founded and invested in businesses across various sectors such as in real estate, finance, and technology. He is committed to make the company grow and make a difference in Public Health by improving the quality of life.

Vinay Panemanglor

Founding Member and Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Panemanglor is a founding member of Faberco Life Sciences, and serves as its Chairman of the Board of Directors. Together with his co-founding member, Mr. Panemanglor has helped introduce targeted and crucial treatment options for HIV, and childhood vaccination, amongst others to the Philippines.

Providing healthcare options remains to be a major priority as he co-leads the organization in introducing targeted therapy for devastating diseases. Mr. Panemanglor has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, and was a pioneer in opening up the Philippine market to generics, and branded generics, which have greatly helped provide equitable care across the country.

Mr. Panemanglor received an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Business Development Team

Ching R. Santos
Chief Operating Officer
Christian T. Caligagan, MD
Head of Medical Affairs
Michie C. Concepcion
Head of Marketing
Ivan Bacud, RPh, MPH
Head of Regulatory

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Faberco Life Sciences